“Drum Church” from NY Vol. 2 Producer Presets?

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“Drum Church” from NY Vol. 2 Producer Presets?

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I bought the NY Studios vol. 2 pack because I liked Mike Luke’s YouTube review of this SDX, especially the “Big Drums” Producer Preset he showcases. Specifically, it’s the “Drum Church” preset for Allaire, which sounds amazing. Huge, yet very balanced.

However, I was extremely disappointed to find that the Big Drums preset pack is no longer for sale! Would it be possible for anyone to share the Drum Church preset? Or alternately -- any Allaire preset that achieves a similar sound!

Here is Mike's video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zX4DNwgDZlA&t=250s

At 4:30 he does show the mixer/fader levels, but without being able to see the EQ, compression and routing settings, I’m afraid I’ll still be lacking the “special sauce” that makes this preset sound so great.
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