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The F.A.Q

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Why was my registration deleted or not approved?

To curb the registration of bot accounts, I went to a manual approval process. With that I basically look at the email address and IP address used during registration. If I feel it looks suspect, I do not approve the request. If I deleted this in error, forgive me, and send me an email at immediately after trying to register again.

How do I load a downloaded preset?

First, you need to own the expansion listed in the forum post. Next, place the downloaded preset into the SDX expansions preset folder. This will vary depending on the operating system Superior Drummer 3 is installed on. The easiest way to find the directory is within SD3, click the preset select drop down, then choose Manage in Finder for MacOS or Manage in Explorer for Windows. Once you click this option, it will open a new window where you can place the downloaded preset. After the preset has been placed into the directory, you can either restart SD3 for the changes to take effect or click the Rescan User Presets option in the menu.