Preset Uploads Template

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Do you want to use upload templates for all preset submission forums?

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Preset Uploads Template

Post by RedGear Music »

When I was putting the site together, I created a form template for submitting band matched presets so that the end results in a clean, easy to read forum post. You can see the results of those here and here.

I was wondering if we should do the same thing in the other forums that you can submit presets to. User @CharlieLord took the liberty of doing this with one of his posts and I kind of liked it!

So let me know if you want me to implement the templating system on all preset/project file submission forums.
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Re: Preset Uploads Template

Post by CharlieLord »

I (obviously) think it's a good idea :D

It'd hopefully help people find stuff, especially when it starts to get busier, and the demo and download options I think are a nice idea.
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